What and how should we drink?

Today we will provide a collective answer to the question that many ask us on a daily basis but even more so in the summer time. What and how should we drink?
For those who take their medicines by mouth the advice that many neurologists give is that the water should be at room temperature or slightly cool – BUT NOT FROZEN -.
For soluble medicines (for example the Sirio which often dissolves badly remaining largely in the glass or on the spoon), it is preferable to use sparkling or carbonated water.
For those who take vitamin C via Cebion or Magnesium Supreme it can be taken simultaneously.
Some Parky find benefit in taking Levodopa doses while sipping green tea, especially the Japanese “Matcha” infusion quality.
Green tea is rich in substances – L-Theaina in particular – which facilitate the production of Dopamine.

Some “colleagues” in the summer time prepare a 1-liter bottle in the morning with two sachets of green tea – or equivalent in infusion – that they use during the day to take oral medicines. To this combine another liter of normal water during meals.
Alcoholic beverages are strongly discouraged because they can significantly reduce the beneficial effect of drugs and some supplements such as vitamin B1.
All frozen and very carbonated drinks are also not recommended because they can complicate the digestive phase and cause damage to the digestive system, which is very important for us to keep in perfect working order as it is the way we assimilate the drugs.
fegato-stomaco.600Finally, we report the advice of the “three glasses”: to accelerate the entry into action of the medicines taken orally it is suggested to drink three glasses in sequence after swallowing the tablet, the water will overcome the stomach making it enter the small intestine where assimilation actually takes place.


For those Parky who have problems swallowing (dysphagia), we remind you that:
the first thing to take into account is the position during the swallowing : erect bust, feet well resting on the ground and possibly forearms resting on the armrests
the environment must be welcoming, bright and must put the person at ease
For those who assist they must position themselves in front of and at the same eye level
all foods that have mixed consistency (liquid, creamy and solid) are not recommended
A suitable size straw should be used when drinking liquid beverages.


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